Earthquake-No Tsunami Threat, 19 Jan 2019

Welcome to an evening edition of “Hawaii News Digest”–Hawaii Island News.  Views expressed in this post are those of the reporters and correspondents.  Topics covered in this post are from an afternoon message sent by the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.

Accessed on 20 January 2019, 0306 UTC, Post 18289.


Email message from the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.

Here’s the full text of the earthquake message:

“Earthquake No Tsunami Threat



4:00 PM (1 hour ago)
to kh6jrm

A message from COUNTY OF HAWAII

This is a Civil Defense Message for January 19 at 3:50 in the afternoon.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reports that an earthquake has occurred near Chile.

There is no Tsunami threat to the Island or State of Hawaii.

The earthquake was measured at 6.8 magnitude at 30.1 south and 71.6 west.

You will be update of any changes that may affect your safety.  This is your Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.”

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