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“If local people had superpowers, this would be it. So it’s filled with island culture, island humor, and local characters that everybody that lives here or just loves Hawaii can identify with,” Caravalho said.

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On Jan. 13, about 8:05 a.m., a Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee mistakenly sent a false missile alert to cellphones and broadcasters, triggering 38 minutes of panic until a false alarm message was sent out.

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With the additional work, the construction is now estimated to be done in February 2019. 1,700 boxes of books and materials will then have to be moved back in. The price tag for the repairs and other work is nearly $700,000.

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Then with a glass tube, he inserted donor eye tissue that’s dyed blue into Crowell’s eye. The new technique has only been used twice so far in Hawaii. The first was on Kauai. The second was done by Wong, of the Honolulu Eye Clinic, on Dec. 19.

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Obama’s ‘Certification of Live Birth’ form reveals his Birth Registration was FILED in 1961 but was never fully ACCEPTED by the Hawaiian State Registrar’s Office. Hawaii is covering this up for political reasons to protect Obama. Only they …



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