West Hawaii News, 24 Dec 2018

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Comment:  Here are today’s top West Hawaii News stories from “West Hawaii Today”, published in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Views expressed in this West Hawaii news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

Feeling steamed: Cracks in Puna causing worry

HILO — Heide Austin once wished to have steam vents on her 6-acre property, where she could relax in the breath of Pele like she sometimes did at the Steam Vent Inn on the other side of Highway 130.

Kona bikeshare to expand

HILO — The bikeshare program in Kailua Village is doubling from three to six bike stations, thanks to action Wednesday by the County Council.

The Big Squeeze: Part 2, the state

Unlike last year, few state taxes went up in 2018 — but Hawaii County residents will start paying a county-imposed one-quarter cent surcharge on the state general excise tax

Hilo’s Lincoln Park gets added security

HILO — Lincoln Park, located at Kinoole and Ponahawai streets in downtown Hilo, is the newest county Parks and Recreation location to have a security guard located on site.

Hotline established to report illegal aquarium fish collection

HONOLULU — The Center for Biological Diversity and other conservation groups are working with the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources to encourage people to report illegal collection of marine life for the aquarium trade, according to a release from the center sent out Wednesday.

Tow boat

KUA BAY — It took a few tries and an 1 hour, 45 minutes for the abandoned boat off Queen Kaahumanu Highway — sitting there for several months now — south of Kua Bay to be loaded onto a flatbed and towed away by the state.

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