Hawaii Island News, 24 Dec 2018

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Comment:  Here are today’s top Hawaii Island news stories from the “Hawaii Tribune-Herald”, based in Hilo, Hawaii.

Kona bikeshare to expand

The bikeshare program in Kailua Village is doubling from three to six bike stations, thanks to action Wednesday by the County Council.

The Big Squeeze: An analysis of tax and fee increases island residents are expected to pay

An analysis: From water to sewer to garbage and vehicle registration, fees have increased lately. If they haven’t yet, they soon will, as some raises will usher in the new year. Taxes, too, have risen. From property to fuel to a general excise tax soon to hit most retail goods, taxes have steadily climbed over the last year. Little wonder residents across the island grumble about government picking their pocketbooks dry. This 2-day, 3-part series looks at the bevy of fee and tax hikes everyone is expected to pay.
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