Hawaii Island News, afternoon edition, 17 Dec 2018

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“Hawaii Business Magazine”, 17 December 2018, published in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Content:  Here are today’s top Hawaii Island news stories from “Hawaii Business Magazine”.  Views expressed in this Hawaii news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

Maunakea financial audit completed
A financial audit to be presented to the University of Hawaii Board of Regents found no irregularities in how the various entities involved in use and management of Maunakea lands account for their revenue and expenses. Tribune-Herald.

Less stringent PONC fund advances
A proposed ballot measure reducing the county land fund from a minimum of 2 percent of property tax revenues to a minimum of 1 percent was advanced Friday by the Charter Commission, over objections from fund supporters. West Hawaii Today.

HELCO proposes 3.4% rate increase 
The Hawaii Electric Light Company has proposed a new rate increase “to help pay for rising operating costs, including the use of new tools to modernize the grid and continue a comprehensive vegetation management plan to reduce outages,” the company said in a media release. HELCO is seeking a $13.4 million increase over revenues at current effective rates.Big Island Video News.

HI-SEAS 2.0: Mauna Loa dome to get re-purposed for moon simulations
A small dome on the slopes of Mauna Loa used for the past five years as a NASA-funded Mars simulation is being given a new mission. Henk Rogers, a Hawaii resident who owns the structure, said he plans to use it next to simulate stays on the moon rather than the red planet.Tribune-Herald.

Group offers $10,000 for Ireland case DNA testing
Mike Heavey, whose group Seattle-based Judges for Justice worked to overturn Amanda Knox’s internationally publicized murder conviction in Italy, believes the evidence points to a single attacker, and the three men convicted of the Christmas Eve 1991 abduction, rape and murder of the 23-year-old Ireland, are innocent. They offered the money for DNA testing on a key piece of evidence to Deputy Prosecutor Rick Damerville in Hilo. Tribune-Herald.

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