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“Hawaii Business Magazine”, 05 December 2018, published in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Comment:  Here are the top Hawaii State news stories for Wednesday, 05 December 2018, from “Hawaii Business Magazine.”  Views expressed in this Hawaii news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

No USS Arizona survivors to attend this year’s Pearl Harbor commemoration
This Friday, Hawaii will mark the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. These days there are only five men remaining who can say “I was there” on board the USS Arizona when it was attacked. 97-year-old Lou Conter is one of those five. He has made the trip to Hawaii the past 15 years but this year he had to cancel. KITV.

Schofield soldier to do hard time
A federal judge sentenced Schofield Barracks soldier Ikaika Erik Kang to 25 years in prison Tuesday for trying to help the Islamic State group. Senior U.S. District Judge Susan Oki Mollway told the 35-year-old Kang, “The conduct that you committed was extremely serious. It had the potential to be disastrous.”  Star-Advertiser. Associated Press.

DOJ corruption probe surrounding Kealoha widens beyond HPD 
The city prosecutor’s first deputy has received a subject letter from the U.S. Department of Justice, in a sign that a federal investigation into Honolulu’s ex-police chief is now zeroing in on players at the city Prosecutor’s Office. A subject letter means that the U.S. Attorney believes first deputy Prosecutor Chasid Sapolu engaged in suspicious and unethical conduct, but wants to do more investigating. Hawaii News Now.

Green assembles his office staff 
Lt. Governor Josh Green has hired Brooke Wilson, who served as political and education director for the Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters, as his chief of staff, as well as experts from the health care industry to staff his office. Green received more than $1 million in campaign contributions from the super PAC financed by the pro-rail carpenters union. Star-Advertiser. Civil Beat.

UH researchers have made a major medical breakthrough against Zika
University of Hawaii medical school researchers have developed a potential vaccine for the Zika virus. There is currently no cure or immunization against the virus, which is spread primarily by mosquitoes and through sex, but scientists at UH have proved the effectiveness of a potential vaccine in protecting mice and monkeys from infection, a significant milestone in predicting how well it will work in humans. Star-Advertiser.Maui Now. Hawaii News Now.

Scientists seek public assistance to track invasive mudweed
Turns out this new invasive species may be difficult to remove from our reefs. So, the standby solutions of community clean-ups, or using the super sucker machine to clear the reef or invaders may not do the trick. Hawaii Public Radio. 

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