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“Hawaii Business Magazine”, 30 October 2018.

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Comment:  Here are today’s top Hawaii State news stories from “Hawaii Business Magazine”, published in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Thanks for joining us today.

Ige and Tupola partake in a final debate
Republican state Rep. Andria Tupola pledged to do more to cope with Hawaii’s crime problem if she is elected governor, while Gov. David Ige used a televised hour-long debate Monday night to stress his record of accomplishment in areas such as building housing and coping with homelessness. Star-Advertiser. KITV. Civil Beat.

Where gubernatorial candidates stand on some of the biggest issues 
To better understand where Gov. David Ige and challenger state Rep. Andria Tupola stand, HNN got them talking about the biggest issues facing the islands: education funding, affordable housing and leadership. Hawaii News Now.

Hawaii ranks highest in the nation for utility costs
Island households dish out more than $730 a month on average for utilities, according to a new analysis from move.org which looked at the average monthly costs for electricity, natural gas, internet, cable and water in each state. Hawaii News Now.

How to make your restaurant successful
If you want the inside scoop from some of the biggest names in local food, panelists Jason Higa, Monica Toguchi and Janina Abiles will discuss topics including effective marketing, employee retention and recruitment, third-party delivery and the benefits and challenges of operating a restaurant in Leeward Oahu. All of this during “The Business of Restaurants,” a breakfast event hosted by Hawaii Business Magazine at UH West Oahu, Nov. 9th. Hawaii Business.

UH takes German advice on clean energy technology
This week Germany technology takes the spotlight at the University of Hawaii. Denis Salle of the honorary General Counsel is a spark plug behind a conference taking place. He has brought together green energy experts from Germany to share their experience and to see how they can help Hawaii reach its energy goals by 2045. Hawaii Public Radio.

UH coral scientist Ruth Gates dies
Ruth Gates was forever optimistic in a world pummeled by pessimism. Especially in her work over the past three decades as a marine ecologist, coral researcher and, most recently, director of the Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology. Gates died Thursday at age 56, five months after being diagnosed with brain cancer.Civil Beat. Star-Advertiser.

Critical shortage of doctors prompting range of solutions
The neighbor islands and parts of rural Oahu are suffering a critical doctor shortage. Whether it’s older doctors retiring sooner, or young doctors driven out of Hawaii by high costs or lured by mainland incentives, it’s been an uphill battle finding a cure for a physician workforce that’s way too small. KHON2.

Hawaii Biotech receiving funding to develop a drug to treat anthrax
Anthrax is a rare but serious bacterial illness.  The money, $38 million, is coming from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to begin pre-clinical studies of a drug for the treatment. Researchers believe they’ve found a compound that will work in humans.KITV. 

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