West Hawaii News, 11 September 2018

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Here are today’s top West Hawaii news stories from “West Hawaii Today”, published in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Views expressed in this Hawaii news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

‘The threat is real’

HILO — State and county officials advised residents to have 14 days worth of food and pet food, a full tank of gas and other emergency supplies ready as Tropical Storm Olivia is set to arrive either late tonight or early Wednesday.

Volcano House and KMC work to reopen

HILO — Two attractions in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are expected to be reopened to the public the same day the national park returns to service later this month.

Judge appoints bank trustee for Hawaiian heiress’ millions

HONOLULU — A 92-year-old Native Hawaiian heiress doesn’t have sufficient mental capacity to manage her $215-million trust, a judge ruled Monday in a bitter case that has raised allegations her wife is trying to wrestle control over her assets.

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