University of Hawaii campuses are the most diverse in the U.S., 03 September 2018

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Parents who want to give their college-age children a rich cultural and ethnic educational experience should consider the University of Hawaii system.  According to a study conducted by the “Chronicle of Higher Education”, the University of Hawaii at Hilo has “the most racially and ethnically diverse student body of all four-year public universities in the country.”

Here are the top ten most ethnically and racially diverse college campuses in the nation:


Courtesy Chronicle of Higher Education

1. University of Hawaii at Hilo

2. Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology at Okmulgee

3. University of Hawaii Maui College

4. University of Hawaii West Oahu

5. Highline College

6. University of Hawaii at Manoa

7. California State University

8. Rutgers University-Newark

9. New Jersey Institute of Technology

10. Seattle Central College”

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