Labor Day Drag Race Results, 02 September 2018

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The Big Island Auto Club celebrated its 50th year as a formal club with its support of the 46th Annual Labor Day Drags at the Hilo Drag Strip on Saturday and Sunday, 01 September and 02 September 2018.

Competitors from around the state participated in two days of drag racing action and special activities for the families of drivers and support crews.

Here are the results:

Saturday Open Wheel competition.  Winner:  Kevin Benevides (Hilo) driving his roadster (9.93 sec/166 mph).  Runner up:  Daphne Martins (Paauilo) driving a digger (9.75 sec/147 mph).

Saturday door slammer competition.  Winner:  Royden Wong (Hilo) driving an Old Starfire (8.85 sec/144 mph).  Runner up:  Donnley Koga (Kurtistown) driving a Camaro (8.57 sec/143 mph).

Motorcycle Bracket.  Winner:  Bill Combest (Kihei, Maui) riding a Suzuki (9.61 sec/142 mph.  Runner up: Zaylen Andrade (Hailimaile, Maui) riding a Suzuki (16.49 sec/58 mph).

Saturday and Sunday’s “Kenny’s Monsta Mega Bracket Race.”  Winner:  Chad Fiesta (Pepeekeo) driving a Chevy Nova (10.62 sec/122 mph).  Runner up:  Kalani Porter (Pahoa) driving a Honda (10.88 sec/133 mph).

Sunday Bracket 1 Race.  Winner:  Khia Taroma (Hilo) driving a Camaro (7.88 sec/159 mph).  Runner up:  Chase Augustine (Hilo) in a Dodge Daytona (8.43 sec/161 mph).

Sunday Bracket 2 Race.  Winner:  Mario Quebral, Jr (Hilo) driving a Camaro (11.03 sec/120 mph).  Runner up:  Jason Narciso (Kailua-Kona) driving a Corvette (11.88 sec/117 mph).

Sunday Bracket 3 Race.  Winner:  Tyson Kaili (Kailua-Kona) driving a Honda (13.45 sec/97 mph).  Runner up:  Russell Medeiros (Ocean View) driving a Chevy S-10 pickup truck (12.28 sec/111 mph).  Kaili wins on a hole shot and better reaction time.

Sunday Junior Dragsters competition:  Winner:  Jordan Kaluhimoku (Hilo) driving his junior dragster (9.19 sec/71 mph).  Runner up:  Kaimi Francis (Paauilo) driving his junior dragster (8.05 sec/80 mph).  Kaluhimoku wins on a hole shot.

Sunday Mortorcycle Bracket Race.  Winner:  Teddy Davis (Mililani Town, Oahu) riding a BMW motorcycle (9.48 sec/151 mph).  Runner up:  Zaylen Andrade (Hulimaile, Maui) riding a Suzuki (drew a red light-no time or speed recorded.

Fastest cars on the track:

Derrick Moreira (Keaau) driving a methanol-powered digger (6.19 sec/219 mph).

Khia Taroma (Hilo) driving a Camaro (7.82 sec/178 mph).

Next Race:  06-07 October 2018 at the Hilo Drag Strip.

Submitted by:

Russ Roberts, BIAC tower announcer.

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Russ Roberts