East Rift Zone Eruption Update, 11 August 2018

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Email from the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.

Here is the current eruption and lava flow information from the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.  Although the original announcement was made early this morning, the substance of the message remains unchanged.

A message from COUNTY OF HAWAII

This is a Civil Defense Eruption Update for Saturday, August 11.

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that eruptive activity remains at reduced levels at Kilauea Summit and the lower east rift zone. Seismic activity at the summit is low with few earthquakes. A small lava pond remains in the Fissure 8 cone. Observations yesterday show the pond to be largely crusted over with some areas glowing. Fissure 8 along with other Fissures continue to release gas. Lava is oozing at several points along the Kapoho Bay and Ahalanui coastline creating a laze plume.

Although the lull in activity continues, it is common for eruptions to go through periods of diminished output, or to pause completely, only to reactivate days or weeks later, or longer. Activity could occur at any time, and residents should remain informed and heed Hawaii County Civil Defense messages and warnings.

The following guidelines remain in effect:

  • Do not access the flow field due to extreme hazard. Lava eruption could resume at any time.
  • Motorists on Highway 11 between the 28 and 32 mile marker are advised to stay on the pavement, be alert for changes in road conditions, and drive with caution.
  • The plates on Highway 130 are stable, motorists are reminded to slow down while traveling through the area.

The Disaster Recovery Center, located at the Pahoa Community Center is open.

Today is the primary election; please exercise your right to vote.


We are on watch 24-hours a day for your safety.

This is your Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.”

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Russ Roberts