East Rift Zone Eruption Update, 06 August 2018

Accessed on 06 August 2018, 1657 UTC, Post #17377.


Email message from the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.


Here’s the current eruption update from the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency:

“A message from COUNTY OF HAWAII

This is a Civil Defense message for Monday, August 6 at 6:00 in the morning.
The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that eruptive activity has deceased at the Kilauea summit and lower east rift eruption from fissure 8.  Seismic activity is low with few felt earthquakes at the summit.  Crews overnight in the lower east rift report only glow in fissure 8.

HVO continues to monitor Kilauea for signs of reactivation of activity.  Several overflights are scheduled throughout the day to visually monitor the volcano.

Motorists on Highway 11 between the 28 and 32 mile marker are advised to stay on the pavement, be alert for changing roadway conditions, and drive with caution. Motorcyclists and bicyclists should proceed with extreme caution.

The following guidelines remain in effect:

  • Do not access the flow field due to extreme hazard. Lava eruption could resume at any time.

The National Weather Service reports that Hurricane Hector has entered the Central Pacific and continues to move west.    Hawaii County departments along with state and federal agencies are monitoring the storm.  You will informed of conditions that affect your safety. Do take this time to prepare for possible hurricane impacts and stay alert for continued Civil Defense messages.

We are on watch 24-hours a day for your safety.

This is your Hawai‘i County Civil Defense Agency.”

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