Wounded police sergeant recovering at Hilo Medical Center, 21 July 2018

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The Hawaii Police Department says the Special Response Team sergeant wounded in a Friday gun battle near South Point is “recovering nicely” at the Hilo Medical Center.  During the shootout, Justin Waiki, the alleged killer of Puna patrol officer Bronson Kaliloa, was himself shot and killed.  A woman riding with Waiki in a SUV was wounded and suffered a fractured femur.

According to “West Hawaii Today”, the sequence of events leading to the fatal shootout went like this:

“Waiki died Friday after a shootout with police at South Point, during which Waiki reportedly shot a sergeant with the Hawaii Police Department’s Special Response Team. That sergeant, whom police have not identified, was medevaced to Hilo Medical Center with gunshot wounds to his chest and arm. He was in stable condition as of Saturday afternoon, said Maj. Robert Wagner.

Wagner said the firearm used by Waiki was identified as a .38 revolver that was reported stolen from a residence in March.

Waiki was reportedly located in a Toyota 4Runner Friday afternoon at a checkpoint established to search vehicles coming in and out of South Point Road after police received information that the suspect was in the South Point area of Ka‘u.

The vehicle was allegedly driven by 35-year-old Jorge Pagan-Torres. Other occupants reportedly included Krystle Ferreira, 29, of Waimea, Malia Lajala, 30, of Hilo, and a third woman who has not yet been identified.”

If you have any information regarding the late Mr. Waiki or his vehicle companions, please call police.
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