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“Hawaii Business Magazine”, 14 June 2018.

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Here are today’s top Hawaii Island news stories from “Hawaii Business Magazine”, published in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Views expressed in this news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

Ige seeks assistance from feds 
Along with the county, private groups that are lending a hand in recovery efforts, the state is reaching out again to the federal government to provide further assistance to Hawaii island residents who have lost their homes and property in the eruption. Star-Advertiser.Tribune-Herald.

Conceptual plan in the works to help lava evacuees
Mayor Harry Kim looks to have a conceptual plan for a Kaikoo-style redevelopment project to help those displaced by the Kilauea eruption drafted within a month. Tribune-Herald.

Website aims to provide displaced lava evacuees with housing
One website is helping evacuees get a roof over their head: kokua.alohaliving.com, designed specifically to help with short and long term housing for those displaced by the volcanic activity.  KITV.

Incredible scope of eruptions
A quantification of just how much lava has erupted and what it has done. Hawaii News Now.

Eruption causes farm losses over $14M
According to Gov. David Ige’s request for federal aide, the state reported a complete shutdown of 20 farming operations in the lava zone. The county says the losses add up to more than $14 million. Hawaii News Now.

Eruption videos
Overflight of rivers of lava. Big Island Now.
Dramatic drop at Kilauea summit. Big Island Video News.

Kilauea is literally raining gemstones
If Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano were to offer an apology for its chaos and destruction, it just might come in the form of a beautiful green mineral called olivine. Science Alert. 

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