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Here are today’s top Hawaii Island news stories from the “Hawaii Tribune-Herald”, published in Hilo, Hawaii. Views expressed in this news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

Some Kalapana-area residents choose to stay until ‘mandatory’ evacuation ordered

KALAPANA — The postman doesn’t come around here anymore and neither do the garbage trucks. For those who live from Opihikao to Kalapana and have chosen to stay, isolation due to the ongoing lower Puna eruption remains a possibility if lava severs Highway 130, already compromised by steaming ground cracks. But it’s also one that is slowly becoming reality through the loss of services and many of their neighbors who have left for safer ground or cleaner air.

Big Island agriculture hit hard by vog

A week and a half after the earth split open in Puna and the hazards of Kilauea began devouring and toxifying everything in their path,67-year-old Garuda Johnson looked out his window. Seeing through the sulfur dioxide-laced haze of vog — which has measured quantities of SO2 as high as 10 parts per million (ppm) on Johnson’spersonal monitor — is nearly impossible at distance.

School haze: Students, teachers in Pahala cope with ash, vog

Ka‘u High School teacher Aina Akamu gave final exams to his students as they sat on bleachers or the floor ofthe basketball court in the gym in Pahala. He moved his class to the gym nearby after he and his students could no longer stand the volcanic ash coveringhis classroom floor, chairs and desks.

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