East Rift Zone Eruption Update, Sunday, 27 May 2018

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Email from the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.


Here’s the latest eruption and lava flow update from the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency:

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A message from COUNTY OF HAWAII


This is a Civil Defense Message for Sunday, May 27 at 12 noon.

The Hawaii Department of Transportation reports they are lowering the speed limit on Highway 130, between Leilani Estates and Kamaili Road, to 25 miles per hour.  This is a safety measure for everyone who drives over the steel plates installed over cracks caused by volcanic activity. The area continues to be monitored for your safety.

Lava flow crossed into PGV property overnight but has not impacted any wells. A special task force headed by Tom Travis continues to work to make the wells safe and to prevent any threats to the public from developing.  There is no hydrogen sulfide detected.  The public will be kept informed of the situation.

Volcanic gases and vog emissions may increase in areas down wind of the vents in the lower east rift zone.

Due to the volcanic activity and increasing vog, the following policies are in effect:

  • Take action to limit further exposure to volcanic gases and be prepared to leave the area with little to no notice.
  • Due to southerly winds and heavy output of vog from the summit on Monday night, be prepared for a possible increase in vog and volcanic gas levels in the Hamakua area, lower Hilo and Puna.

We are on watch 24-hours a day for your safety.

This is your Hawai‘i County Civil Defense Agency.

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