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“Hawaii Business Magazine”, 24 May 2018.

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Here are today’s top Hawaii Island news stories from “Hawaii Business Magazine”, published in Honolulu, Hawaii. Views expressed in this news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents.

Kilauea glows with blue light
A blue-burning flame of methane gas was observed in the cracks on Kahukai Street during the overnight hours in Puna just before midnighton May 22, 2018. Tribune-Herald.

As another lava flow reaches for ocean, National Guard preps for air evac
An air evacuation of the portions of Lower Puna that are threatened by the Kilauea volcano eruption could be accomplished within four hours if that becomes necessary because of damage to ground transportation routes, according to Hawaii Army National Guard commander Brig. Gen. Kenneth Hara. Star-Advertiser.  Hawaii Public Radio.

No end in sight for Kilauea eruptions
It’s been three weeks since eruptions started, and lava has now claimed at least 50 structures and covered more than 1,700 acres in lower Puna and the end of the disaster is nowhere in sight. Hawaii News Now.

USGS report on Kilauea’s active history
Kilauea Volcano on the Island of Hawaii, though best known for its frequent quiet eruptions of lava flows, has erupted explosively many times in its history – most recently in 2011. USGS Report.

May visitor arrivals up from 2017
Despite Kilauea’s worsening volcanic activity, May visitor arrivals are up 25% over last year on Hawaii island.“My theory is that … it’s really hard to back out on something in a last-minute situation,” said said Ross Birch, executive director of the Island of Hawaii Visitors Bureau. Star-Advertiser.

New deep well starts pumping in North Kona as 4 remain offline
Department of Water Supply officials maintained a tank-half-full perspective Tuesday at their monthly meeting with the Hawaii County Water Board. DWS manager-chief engineer Keith Okamoto said despite four inoperative deep wells for the last two weeks, water stores have kept consistent with consumption across the North Kona region. West Hawaii Today. 

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