East Rift Zone Eruption Update, Monday evening, 21 May 2018

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Email from the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency.


Here’s the latest update on the eruption and lava flows impacting Lower Puna:

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A message from COUNTY OF HAWAII

This is a Civil Defense Message for Monday, May 21 at noon.


Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that eruptive lava activity at multiple fissures continues with two flows entering the ocean. Fissures continue to de-gas and produce large amounts of sulfur dioxide.


Due to current volcanic activity, the following information is provided for your awareness:

  • Residents and visitors in lower Puna, south of the Lower East Rift Zone, should be prepared to leave the area with little to no notice due to gas or lava inundation. Take action necessary to prepare ahead of time.
  • Gas levels remain high. Take actions to limit further exposure.


Due to unsafe conditions on roadways, the following policies are in effect:

  • Kalapana and Kapoho Roads are open to residents only. Identification is required.
  • Highway 137 is closed to all traffic between Kamaili Road and Pohoiki Road.
  • Kamaili Road is closed to all thru traffic. No stopping, this is a high sulfur dioxide area.
  • Everyone is asked to stay out of the area.


Due to the lava entry at the ocean, the following policies are in effect:

  • Access to the area is prohibited due to the laze hazard.
  • Stay away from any ocean plume since it can change direction without warning.
  • The U.S. Coast Guard is actively monitoring the ocean entry area and enforcing a 300 meter standoff zone. Only permitted tour boats are allowed in the area.


The residents of lower Puna are going through a very difficult time.  We ask for your help by avoiding the affected areas if possible.  Thank you for your understanding.


We are on watch 24-hours a day for your safety.


This is your Hawai‘i County Civil Defense.

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