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State senator’s actions highlight gaps in ethics laws
Senate Ways and Means Committee Chairman Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz recently supported a bill to take more than $40 million away from the Hawaii Tourism Authority, a state agency that had denied the private company where he works an estimated $3.5 million worth of contracts over the last year or so. Star-Advertiser.

Ige fires back: Hawaii doesn’t need “backroom deals”
The governor says legislative leaders who now support Colleen Hanabusa are using their political power to manipulate the voters. Civil Beat.

Ige’s cabinet told to “get their act together” on paid-leave bill
House Finance Chairwoman Sylvia Luke berated Gov. David Ige and some of his department heads over conflicting testimony and tepid support for a proposal to set up a state-managed paid family leave program for Hawaii workers. Star-Advertiser.

Bill seeks more funding for hiking trails
A Senate bill making its way through the state Legislature would boost funding to improve state-owned trails across Hawaii and promote hiking safety and etiquette. Star-Advertiser.

“Kaulana’s Law” for fatal hit-and-run cases awaits floor vote
Former Kamehameha Schools football player Kaulana Werner was hit and killed by a car in 2016. The driver fled the scene. Lawmakers are pushing ahead with a measure some have nicknamed “Kaulana’s Law” that would allow extended prison terms for people convicted of fleeing the scene of a fatal accident Star-Advertiser.

Early college program expands
Encouraging Hawaii’s public school students to chart their career and college paths as early as freshman year appears to be bearing fruit, according to a report released today. Star-Advertiser.

State studies ways to help ex-cons find jobs
In 2016 Hawaii had a recidivism rate of about 63%, according to a study by the Attorney General’s Office. Figuring out exactly how to help convicts make that transition from inmate to employee — or even to employer — is the goal of University of Hawaii- West Oahu researchers Orlando Garcia-Santiago and Konstantinos Zougris. Star-Advertiser.

Requiring athletic trainers at every school makes Hawaii a national model
A state law enacted 25 years ago has helped make countless Hawaii student athletes healthier – and is also paying dividends that could someday be felt nationally or even worldwide. Star-Advertiser.

Marshallese in Hawaii struggling with poverty, according to new report
Extreme racial disparities exist among Hawaii’s population, with a growing number of immigrants from the Pacific islands living in poverty. Star-Advertiser.

Nene could be off the endangered species list in a year
In the late 1960s, there were fewer than 60 Nene left on the planet. Now, there are nearly 3 thousand. “Its a success story,” said Loyal Mehrhoff, Endangered Species Recovery Coordinator for the Center for Biological Diversity. KITV. 

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