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Here are today’s top West Hawaii news headlines from “West Hawaii Today”, published in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Views expressed in this news summary are those of the reporters and correspondents unless otherwise stated.

  1. |Posted: Jan 16 2018 – 12:06am

    PUU WAAWAA — Nene wandered, honked and flew around the 55-acre enclosure at Puu Waawaa as volunteers planted, watered, weeded and created trails at the dryland forest for Kaiser Permanente’s annual Day of Service.

  2. Posted: Jan 16 2018 – 12:06am

    HILO — A state Ethics Commission attorney has cleared Mayor Harry Kim’s contracted lobbyist to perform his duties without registering as a lobbyist, according to county Corporation Counsel Joe Kamelamela.

  3. Posted: Jan 16 2018 – 12:06am

    HILO — In light of Saturday’s false ballistic missile alert, the American Red Cross on Monday reminded Hawaii residents to remain prepared for any disaster, natural or man-made.

  4. Posted: Jan 16 2018 – 12:06am

    HILO — The Big Island real estate market ended 2017 in a strong position after residential sales increased islandwide from 2016.

  5. Posted: Jan 15 2018 – 7:28am

    Community members have helped identify “several thousand” faces, locations and events captured in images by the late Hilo photographer John Howard Pierce, Lyman Museum officials said this week.

  6. Posted: Jan 15 2018 – 7:28am

    By Rick Winters

  7. Posted: Jan 15 2018 – 7:28am

    KAILUA-KONA — Several residents at the Alii Heights subdivision in North Kona dealt with more than downed deep wells and mandatory water restrictions during the Hawaii County Department of Water Supply’s tumultuous year.

  8. |Posted: Jan 14 2018 – 12:06am

    The National Weather Service issued a high surf warning for north- and west-facing shores through the holiday weekend.

  9. Posted: Jan 14 2018 – 12:06am

    KEAUHOU – More than 100 tennis enthusiasts gathered at Holua Tennis Center Saturday and Sunday to compete in the Family Support Hawaii Play it Forward tennis tournament fundraiser.

  10. Posted: Jan 13 2018 – 9:16pm

    The missile warning mistake is unforgivable.

  11. Posted: Jan 13 2018 – 9:16pm

    KAILUA-KONA — Despite the ballistic missile threat turning out to be nothing more than a false alarm, the Kealakehe Police Station and at least two fire stations in West Hawaii were visited by people seeking shelter and wondering what to do during the perceived crisis.

  12. Posted: Jan 13 2018 – 9:15pm

    KAILUA-KONA — South of town at Alii Villas, Sean Aldrich and his wife, visiting from Alaska, were sitting in bed Saturday morning drinking coffee at the condo before heading to the beach with the rest of the family for his birthday.

  13. Posted: Jan 13 2018 – 9:15pm

    HILO — Hawaii residents awoke Saturday morning to sunny skies, a bit of vog hugging Maunakea, and a dire warning of imminent nuclear catastrophe.

  14. Posted: Jan 13 2018 – 4:16pm

    HONOLULU — The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) has confirmed that there was no ballistic missile and that there were no computer hacks to the HI-EMA system. The cause of the false alarm was human error. The following is a synopsis of what occurred:

  15. Posted: Jan 13 2018 – 4:08pm

    HONOLULU (AP) — A false alarm that warned of a ballistic missile headed for Hawaii sent the islands into a panic Saturday, with people abandoning cars in a highway and preparing to flee their homes until officials said the cellphone alert was a mistake.

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