Brown-water advisory issued for stretch of Maui shoreline

Hawaii News Digest, 29 November 2017, 0425 UTC, Post #16047.


Accessed on 29 November 2017, 0425 UTC.

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On Tuesday, 28 November 2017, the Hawaii Department of Health issued a brown-water advisory for parts of the Maui shoreline between Honolua and Kanakaoo.

Health officials are asking residents and visitors to stay out of the brown-water area because of contamination issues:

“The public is advised to stay out of flood waters and storm water runoff due to possible overflowing cesspools, sewer, manholes, pesticides, animal fecal matter, dead animals, pathogens, chemicals and associated flood debris…Not all coastal areas may be impacted by runoff, however, if the water is brown stay out. Continue to practice good personal hygiene and follow up with your primary care physician if you have any health concerns.”

Brown-water advisories remain in effect for the North-East coast of Hilo Bay, the Kakahaia Wildlife Refuge on Molokai, and Waimea Bay on Oahu.

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