Dangerous Hawaii psychiatric patient arrested in California

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According to the Hawaii Department of Health, seven Hawaii State Hospital employees have been placed on leave without pay for 30 days, while officials investigate how a dangerous psychiatric patient managed to escape Oahu on Sunday and flew to San Jose, California, where he was arrested on Wednesday afternoon (15 November 2017),

A Department of Health press release added that “more employees may be identified and placed on off-duty status…as the investigation progresses.”

Hawaii State Attorney General Doug Chin says he will “make a case before a judge that Randall Saito is not suffering from a mental defect…this was premeditated, it was intentional…it was planned.”

Hawaii Governor David Ige called the 10-hour delay in announcing the escape

“totally unacceptable. Clearly we need to know where these patients are, especially those that can be a danger to our community and we need to account for their whereabouts. … Clearly Randall Saito is not one who should have been allowed to leave the facility unescorted. … We will be investigating the specifics of what happened and we will make changes.”

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