Hawaii Anti-Bullying Campaign Marks its 10th year

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Thanks to Hawaii Island news blogger Damon Tucker for this story.

It’s been 10 years since The E Ola Pono campaign created a “cultural response” to bullying in our local schools.  The program urges students “to foster respect and harmony” through student-led campaigns and projects.

Six schools in three divisions receive monetary awards for their efforts to promote peace, pono, and respect within their schools and communities.

According to Damon Tucker, the Na Wai Ola Public Charter School in Mountain View on Hawaii Island scored a first-place finish for elementary schools:

“First Place: Na Wai Ola P ublic Charter School (PCS), Mountain View, Hawaiʻi Island – Na Wai Ola PCS’ māla (garden) program teaches students how to grow food, medicines and plants with aloha and respect. Shari Frias, the agricultural Science teacher and advisor for their pono campaign, observed that students who have been at their school for a few years have a personal connection and understanding of their māla, the environment and themselves. The older students have developed a strong connection to place. She tells her students that, “every plant in our māla has a place, and kulelana just like you. If we care about ourselves the way we care for our plants we will be pono, and balanced.”

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