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The Wild Side of paradise is hidden on the Big Island


Hawaii News Digest, 07 August 2017, 16:55 hrs, UTC, Post #15394.


Accessed on 07 August 2017, 16:55 hrs, UTC.

Authors:  Jerry and Janine Sprout–publishers of “Trail Blazers Hawaii.”

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Some of the best, unspoiled beaches in the state of Hawaii can be found right here on Hawaii Island. You don’t have to pay a king’s ransom to fly to some isolated spot to restore your sanity. You can find what you need only a few miles from your home or business.

According to Jerry and Janine Sprout of “Trail Blazers Hawaii,” one of the best places to unwind and absorb the forces of nature is at Kekaha Kai State Park, located between  Kailua-Kona and the premium resort properties of Sough Kohala.

Jerry and Janine Sprout say Kekaha Kai State Park is a “must see” for those of us who call Hawaii Island home:

“Kekaha Kai State Park  is not far north of the airport, but in terms of scenic beauty, it’s a million miles away. You’ll need to drive in about 1.5 miles over a lava field that can be hellishly rutted. From there, you can enjoy the picnic tables at Kekaha Kai Beach. Or venture on a quarter-mile walk to Mahaiula Bay for a slice of paradise that once was a getaway resort. From there, another trail covers about a half-mile of scorched lava to the lovely Makalawena Beaches. Snorkeling is superb, and one cove that is reef-protected offers safe swimming for kids. Tucked away at Makalawena is the Makalawai Oasis, a brackish pond amid palms that is the perfect spot to contemplate infinity.”

If the pressures of the real world are getting to you, why not pack a plate lunch, a cooler full of your favorite beverages, and your trusty camera and head out to Kekaha Kai State Park?

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