More students attending Big Island private schools | Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Hawaii Island private schools saw modest gains in enrollment last school year.

Source: More students attending Big Island private schools | Hawaii Tribune-Herald (

Accessed on 16 October 2016, 15:50 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Kirsten Johnson.

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According to the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, approximately 3,634 Hawaii Island students attend private school on Hawaii Island, an increase of 2.7 percent over last year.

Emily Paglicaro, the director of admissions at Parker School in Waimea says “it seems like we have a growing number of people relocating here from the mainland in particular…we have a growing population and very limited seating in terms of how many schools there are.”

The average price to attend private schools in Hawaii is $7,709, an increase of $42 from 2015.  Many private schools soften the blow of high tuition with financial aid programs for needy families.

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