County seeks zoning variance as golf building crowds road | Hawaii Tribune-Herald

Traffic whizzes along the narrow two-lane Haihai Street as construction equipment stirs the dust Friday at the site of a $17.5 million upgrade to the island’s only county-owned golf course.

Source: County seeks zoning variance as golf building crowds road | Hawaii Tribune-Herald (

Accessed on 15 October 2016, 16:00 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Nancy Cook Lauer (“West Hawaii Today”).

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According to reporter Nancy Cook Lauer, the Hawaii County Department of Parks and Recreation “is seeking an after-the-fact variance to allow for a 10-foot setback instead of the required 20 feet” for a maintenance building at the Hilo Municipal Golf Course bordering Haihai Street.  In addition, Parks and Recreation officials wants an 8-foot-high concrete block shielding a fuel tank covered by the requested variance.  The block extends more than 42 feet from the side of the golf cart storage building, which is more than allowed by the 20-foot setback rule.

Letters were sent to area property owners telling them about the proposed variance request.  The public has until 14 November 2016 to send comments to Planning Department.  Department director Duane Kanuha will make a decision about the variance by 21 November 2016.

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