Judge takes charge; Rosario screens potential jurors in Kenoi trial | Hawaii Tribune-Herald

On the first day of jury selection in the theft trial of Mayor Billy Kenoi in Hilo, the judge took matters into his own hands Monday.

Source: Judge takes charge; Rosario screens potential jurors in Kenoi trial | Hawaii Tribune-Herald (http://hawaiitribune-herald.com/news/local-news/judge-takes-charge-rosario-screens-potential-jurors-kenoi-trial).

Accessed on 11 October 2016, 15:35 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  John Burnett.

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During the opening moments of Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi’s trial, Honolulu Circuit Judge Dexter Del Rosario took the unusual step of screening potential jurors for the trial. When judge Rosario finished his questions, 30 of the 44 original jurors were asked to return on 17 October 2016 “when they will presumably be questioned by the lawyers.”

The remaining 14 jurors were dismissed for various reasons, saying “they could not put aside their current feelings about the mayor–good or bad–the charges against him or the legal proceedings and be fair and impartial arbiter of fact.”

The charges against Mayor Billy Kenoi stem from a year-long investigation by the state attorney general’s office into the mayor’s alleged misuse of a county purchasing card or pCard.

Judge Del Rosario said the jury selection should be completed by 17 October 2016.

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