Man accused of threats in Target | Hawaii Tribune-Herald

A 33-year-old Pahoa man is in custody after having allegedly threatened to start killing customers Tuesday afternoon at the Target pharmacy in Hilo.

Source: Man accused of threats in Target | Hawaii Tribune-Herald (

Accessed on 07 October 2016, 04:35 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  John Burnett.

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Hawaii police have arrested 33-year-old Jonathan Michael Doherty for allegedly threatening to kill customers at the Target Store pharmacy on Tuesday, 04 October 2016.

According to reporter John Burnett, Doherty faces charges of second-degree terroristic threatening after he allegedly pointed a “green-colored laser” at off-duty police officer Corina McLellan.  McLellan said she called in the incident because she feared for the safety of herself and others in the area.

Doherty has two prior shoplifting offenses, plus convictions for contempt of court and failure to appear.  Doherty’s bail has been maintained at $2,000.  Doherty is scheduled to be in court for trial on 19 October 2016.

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