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Dengue outbreak largest in US in more than 60 years | Hawaii Tribune-Herald


Hawaii Island’s dengue fever outbreak appears to be the largest in the United States since World War II, according to various reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other health sites.

Source: Dengue outbreak largest in US in more than 60 years | Hawaii Tribune-Herald (

Accessed on 13 December 2015, 15:13 hrs, UTC.

Reporter:  Colin M. Stewart.

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Hawaii has now entered the record book for diseases, with the dengue fever outbreak on Hawaii Island being the largest incidence of the infection in more than 60 years.

Although there are thousands of dengue cases in South America, Central America, and even in American Samoa every year, Hawaii Island’s running total of 146 is the highest number of cases within the United States.

Dengue Fever is hard to diagnose because the disease is often unreported or unconfirmed. State epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park tells reporter Colin M. Stewart that  “Each (outbreak) is different…and Hawaii presents a very different situation from its sister states.”

Hawaii isn’t alone in facing the challenge of dengue fever.  The mosquito-borne infection is now worldwide, with cases being reported in Texas, Florida, and Hawaii.  The disease was first found in Hawaii in 1944.  At that time, 1,644 people with dengue-like illnesses were evaluated by health officials.

CDC spokeswoman Candice Hoffmann believes “No known mosquito control measure will stop dengue outbreaks, and it is unclear whether any of the currently employed measures will reduce significantly the number of new cases.”

Meanwhile, Hawaii health officials continue to search out mosquito-breeding areas for insecticide spraying, while warning Hawaii Island residents to take precautions and to remove standing water from their properties.


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