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Residents say Honolulu Airport maintenance issues a concern – Hawaii News Now


Some residents are complaining about the appearance and maintenance of the restrooms at the Honolulu International Airport. Travelers shared pictures with Hawaii News No

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First it was the collapsing roof over the TSA monitoring point for arriving passengers and, now, it’s the deteriorating rest room facilities. These maintenance issues should be resolved before the bad publicity spreads any further. Aloha, Russ.


2 thoughts on “Residents say Honolulu Airport maintenance issues a concern – Hawaii News Now”

  1. It’s amazing what the salty air does to stuff….a little duct tape and some rustoleum and this should be looking good again….I have had several friends who have travelled through the airport say they couldn’t believe how bad the terminal and facilities are. It’s definitely dated and in need of major work. Maybe they could get some of the money from the rail project. They should have proposed the initial leg of that ill conceived money pit to run from the airport to Waikiki and been able to justify some fix-up money for the airport. Just a thought..

    1. I agree. That ill-advised rail project is sucking money away from Honolulu Airport maintenance. The airport is getting shabby and ill-kept–not a good image for incoming visitors. Aloha, Russ.

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