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Cattlemen Sue Hawaii County Over GMO Ban | Hawaii News and …


Growers say the ban — known as Bill 113 — conflicts with state and federal laws and is unconstitutional, according to the case filed by the Hawaii Papaya Industry Association (HPIA) and the Big Island Banana Growers …


Thanks to news blogger Damon Tucker for this GMO update.  A court hearing has been set for 08 September 2014 on a lawsuit filed by Hawaii cattlemen, floral producers, and the growers of bananas and papayas.  The group has filed suit to stop a ban on open-air growing and testing of genetically modified crops (GMOs) imposed by Hawaii County Bill 113.  Growers believe the measure "conflicts with state and federal laws and is unconstitutional."  Also, some papaya growers feel the public registry provision of the bill "would encourage vandalism, which has previously resulted in crop destruction."  Aloha, Russ.

2 thoughts on “Cattlemen Sue Hawaii County Over GMO Ban | Hawaii News and …”

  1. We will all starve to death but will be eating only “healthy” foods….if we can afford them.

    1. Nothing like dying in good physical shape. Perhaps, this is an unintended way of controlling the growing epidemic of obesity in Hawaii. You won’t get fat if you don’t eat. Kind of gruesome, but effective. Aloha, Russ.

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