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Solar Bottlenecks: How Hawaii Is Paving the Way – CleanTechnica


Solar Bottlenecks: How Hawaii Is Paving the Way
Hawaii leads the nation in electricity costs. Costs range from 33.36 cents per kWh on Oahu to 44.64 cents per kWh on Lanai. The US National average is 11-12 cents per kWh.


Excellent opinion piece on the current bottleneck facing PV (photovoltaic) installations in Hawaii. On one hand, Hawaii has embraced rooftop solar power as a partial answer to the rising cost of electricity in the state, while on the other hand, HECO (Hawaiian Electric Company) is warning of grid integrity "because there is so much PV on these circuits."  The Public Utilities Commission has mandated that HECO come up with a plan to integrate rooftop solar systems into the grid without reducing service.  According to the author of this article, the way out of this mess is to contact your state legislator and demand action to move alternative power forward.  The shift to alternative power generation, such as solar, will be costly, but ultimately necessary,  as sources of "cheap" oil are denied to us and as environmental law puts more "teeth" into alternative power systems.  Meanwhile, turn out the lights when you leave the room.  Aloha, Russ.

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  1. An interesting article. Th infrastructure expense for putting the panels on-line will raise the cost of power even more as HECO ramps up for the modifications needed. It still won’t be cheap (inexpensive) power, but it won’t be as reliant on OPEC or foreign oil providers.

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