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Hawaii Electric Company launched one of the biggest energy storage proposals in the country last week, quietly opening up requests for proposals of 60 to 200 megawatts of storage project to help manage the solar and wind …

Russell Roberts‘s insight:

This could be a major game changer in the way energy is used and stored in Hawaii.  The Hawaii Electric Company (HECO) has begun searching for contractors to build one of the largest energy storage facilities in the nation.  According to HECO officials, the search is on for "one or more large energy storage systems able to store 60-200 megawatts for up to 30 minutes."  The move to deep storage systems follows an abundance of solar energy from solar panel installations that is causing a "backward power flow" at the sunniest part of the day–a situation HECO says comes from the increasing  number of PV interconnections.  The situation has led to HECO slow down permits for installing PV systems on Oahu…there simply is no place to store the excess energy.  Also  HECO is looking to exploit "the potential for distributed, customer-owned energy storage."  There is also the problem of what to do with old power plants that are being phased out as more renewable energy sources come on line.  Meanwhile, electric rates continue to rise.  About all you can do these days is turn off everything you don’t use, unplug equipment that is not being used, and spend more time outside.  Aloha, Russ.

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