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Hawaii governor calls special session to consider gay marriage bill



Gov.(In The News #LGBT- Hawaii governor calls special session to consider gay marriage bill…

Russell Roberts‘s insight:

The governor told Fox News that the session would begin on 28 October and last about 4 to 5 days.  If the state Legislature approves the measure, Hawaii would join 13 other U.S. states and the District of Columbia in allowing gay marraiage. Aloha, Russ.

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2 thoughts on “Hawaii governor calls special session to consider gay marriage bill”

  1. Of all the things that are going on, this is the one Neil chooses for a special session?!? Is the monetary income anticipated from the marriage license/tax/tourism (that will surely pour into the state) going to even justify the expense of the special session? There has got to be some sort of monetary justification in this move…what is it? Political priorities are amazing to me. So much posturing for relatively trvial things. I really don’t have much patience for politics anymore.

    1. I agree. Politicians will debate endlessly about topics such as gay marriage, beach access, and the environment, but will do little about the issues of homelessness, jobs, education, and white collar crime. According to the Hawaii Visitors Bureau, the benefit to Hawaii from traveling gay couples will be significant. Yes, there’s a good chance that the special session will help channel more travel to Hawaii. The same pattern can be seen on the federal level, where Congress has been locked in a “he said, you said” battle over the growing governmental deficit and “Obamacare.” No one in Congress wants to admit that the country is broke; that we are outsourcing jobs to the detriment of our own workers; and that many Americans can’t afford to live in a decent, affordable home. Lots of trivial bombast and petty “one upmanship.” I’ve been turned off by politics eversince I retired from the Air Force almost a decade ago. Russ.

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