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US: ‘High confidence’ of Syria chemical arms use – Hawaii News Now



US: ‘High confidence’ of Syria chemical arms use
Hawaii News Now
(AP Photo/Mohammad Hannon).

Russell Roberts‘s insight:

"High Confidence" just isn’t enough.  We must be absolutely certain with tangible evidence that the tragic gas attacks occurred.  Remember the flap over Saddam Hussein’s alleged possession of chemical weapons in the 2003 Gulf War and the embarrassment that fiasco caused this country?  Even if there is proof of the biowarfare attacks, the U.S. will get little support for any military action in Syria.  Only France supports us in this matter.  The British Parliament made it clear that the UK wants nothing to do with Assad or the rebels.  Besides, with a Russian naval facility on Syria’s coast, the risk factor increases.  The only winners in this standoff will be Syrian President Assad, the Iranians who support Assad, and the Russians, who want to maintain a foothold in the Middle East. I don’t see any advantage to the United States in getting more involved in the creeping anarchy that is the Middle East.  Wonder of wonders, even the non-functioning U.S. Congress is demanding firm proof of gas warfare before we do anything.  Rhetoric will not save the day.  Show visible, touchable proof or stay out.  Aloha, Russ.

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