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Edward Snowden Interview: Stuxnet Created by NSA, Israel – Fars News Agency



Fars News Agency Edward Snowden Interview: Stuxnet Created by NSA, Israel Fars News Agency They were asked in a relatively quiet period, when Snowden was likely enjoying his last moments in a Hawaiian paradise — a paradise he abandoned so that…

Russell Roberts‘s insight:

According to the Associated Press, the former Hawaii resident and NSA whistleblower will seek political asylum in Venezuela. If the federal government knew of Snowden’s political beliefs, why did they hire him in the first place? The vetting process should be completely reviewed. Aloha, Russ.

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2 thoughts on “Edward Snowden Interview: Stuxnet Created by NSA, Israel – Fars News Agency”

  1. How much money does this guy have? How is he able to afford to bounce from country to country? Where’s his girlfriend? Travelling with him? Just curious about his ability to see the world when he’s not working now…..

    1. Apparently, Mr. Snowden will spend the rest of his natural days in Venezuela–one of the South American countries that openly opposes U.S. policy. I suspect he’s getting help from foreign sources, most likely China, North Korea, and Russia. Before Mr. Snowden left Moscow, he probably was “debriefed” by the Federal Security Service (once known as the KGB). He will settle down in a country friendly, but not directly subservient to Moscow. He then can be used as continuing source of information about our defense establishment. As for his girlfriend, who knows? She may have been a “plant” to entice Snowden to defect. Of course, this is speculation. What this situation really points to is the total incompetence of the vetting procedures used to hire employees for classified work. I’ve gone through enough background checks by the military to know that such people as Snowden would never have gotten a security clearance if proper procedures were followed. According to news reports, an agency outside the government did the initial clearance of Snowden. That’s bad form right from the git-go. Why didn’t an agency with some expertise do the work? Why wasn’t the FBI, CIA, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), or the Office of Naval Intelligence tasked to review Snowden’s academic and political background? You and I both know that answer–a private agency can do the work far cheaper than a government entity. So, we suffer an intelligence black eye because some bureaucrat wants to save a few bucks. The Russians must be laughing themselves silly. One of these days, our government will join the real world. Thanks for your comment….Russ

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