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VIDEO: GMO hearing packs hundreds in to testify | Big Island Video …



KONA, Hawaii – In what will end up being one of the longest public hearings in recent memory, hundreds signed up to testify at the Hawaii County Council committee hearing on bill 79 – which would prohibit genetically …

Russell Roberts‘s insight:

According to reporter Tom Callis, "hundreds of people from across the Big Island, a large majority against genetically modified organisms, packed council chambers in Kailua-Kona and Hilo, as well as satellite offices in Waimea, Ka’u and Pahoa, to have their say on the controversial issue."  Because of the overflow crowd in Kailua-Kona, Councilwoman Brenda Ford "continued the meeting to today after nine hours of testimony."  Today’s meeting begins a 9 a.m.  Approximately 130 people addressed the county council before the meeting was suspended.  Aloha, Russ.

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: GMO hearing packs hundreds in to testify | Big Island Video …”

  1. I believe in the precautionary principal. With that being said….I have little faith in the direction of big business and GMO. When will we learn that the ways of old are worth preserving. I feel that we are the last chance to save the old ways. Is nothing sacred? Once the genie is out of the bottle, we will never be able to go back.

    1. Your point is well-taken, Mike. As much as I admire science, this GMO issue has gone a bit too far. We really don’t know the long-term effects of GMO or special seeds modified by exotic chemicals. Genetic diversity occurs naturally, so why try to speed up something we don’t understand? Some of the old ways of life are certainly worth preserving, especially when it comes to food and culture. Just look how long it took for “Agent Orange” to affect Vietnam Era veterans. That chemical has had devastating effects both on our troops and on the Vietnamese sprayed with this dioxin-based chemical. The effects of “Love Canal” are still being felt in upper state New York. I believe part of the GMO pressure comes from the need to feed an ever expanding population–something that diseases, wars, and accidents controlled fairly well until the 20th century. Now that people are living longer and consuming more resources, including food, the amount of land available to support our urban sprawl is diminishing. Companies such as Monsanto and duPont are keeping hunger at bay but at a high price to be paid in the future by our children. I fear there is no easy answer to this GMO issue. The real issue involves our inability to live within our means–be it money, resources, living space, and farming space. Sooner or later, population expansion will outstrip even Monsanto’s ability to feed us. The genie is already out of the bottle. Very soon, all of us in Hawaii will have to depend on ourselves for food and energy. You’re right when you say “we are the last chance to save the old ways? Too bad not enough people here see the problem and take steps to replace those who have made bad legislative decisions. As for myself, I try to stay as energy and food independent as possible. I have a garden and shop at farmers’markets. I travel only when necessary. I buy only what I need. I stay out of debt. Thanks for taking the time to send me a most thoughtful answer. Aloha from Laupahoehoe…Russ

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