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Maui man cited for sign warning of police sting – Hawaii News Now



Maui man cited for sign warning of police sting
Hawaii News Now
The Maui County law says sign waving too close to roads, crosswalks or intersections can distract drivers and become a hazard so there are space restrictions.

Russell Roberts‘s insight:

I guess there are limits to "free speech". Apparently, the man was cited for causing a possible distraction for drivers and pedestrians. Aloha, Russ.

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2 thoughts on “Maui man cited for sign warning of police sting – Hawaii News Now”

  1. …and the piles of people waving signs along the roadways at election times don’t count as distractions?

    1. Of course, these are distractions. Nothing like selective enforcement to drive home the point that citizens are only tolerated. The election process is a sham. Modern-day governments have perfected the Roman idea of “Bread and Circuses” to a high degree. Allow some local control, but hold most of the real power close to your chest. Real participatory government is too inefficient, too open, and too much of a danger to those who control the economic and security apparatus in this country. Is it any wonder that powerful persons with ties to security organizations and financial institutions control the “real government?” Heck, Putin was a member of the Soviet KGB and Bush 1 (GWB’s father) was once CIA director. As a people, we are incredibly naive and all-too trusting. That will be our undoing as a nation. This is a simple matter of divide and conquer. Unfortunately, Julius Ceasar and his decendants are the real power brokers, not the more inspired Jeffersons and Lincolns. The Romans would have been proud of our contemporary leaders…an iron fist in a velvet glove. Let people carry their signs…in the grand scheme of things, the placards and election hoopla are meaningless. Russ

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