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Healthcare in Hawaii – can we afford the Affordable … – ThinkTech



ThinkTech and the Hawaii Venture Capital Association will present a luncheon panel program at the Plaza Club on June 27th dealing with “Healthcare in Hawaii – can we afford the Affordable Care Act?” This video discusses …

Russell Roberts‘s insight:

Excellent presentation on the "Affordable Care Act"  (revised Obamacare).  The short answer is "maybe".  No matter what happens, the combination of a doctor shortage, increased costs of treatment and medicine, and problems with medicare/medicade will make getting sick a dangerous proposition.  Many health issues are self-created.  About all you can do is stay healthy, eat wisely, quit smoking, and exercise frequently.,, and hope nothing serious occurs.  For those of us in our retirement years, medical costs are becoming a heavy burden.  For our younger contemporaries, just be patient–your chance to grow poor over medical costs is coming.  Aloha, Russ.

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2 thoughts on “Healthcare in Hawaii – can we afford the Affordable … – ThinkTech”

  1. Under the not so “Affordable Care Act” younger persons will pay higher premiums to support the aging “boomer” group. Everybody thinks just because the insurance companys cannot refuse to issue a policy based on pre-conditions or other factors, that it will still be “affordable”. The fact is the companies can still rate based on risk. You can get insurance, but can you afford it?

    1. This will be the sad reality of life…no cash, no insurance. Many will not get the treatment they need….a kind of indirect “death panel.” Russ

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