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Doing business in China? Go green or they might kill you – msnNOW



Doing business in China? Go green or they might kill you
China might be getting a little too serious about environmental protection with its new way of dealing with heavy polluters. They’re threatening to kill them.

Russell Roberts‘s insight:

Once the People’s Republic of China makes up its mind, it acts with total directness.  Think about the Chinese solution the next time you toss your trash out the car window or dump used motor oil into a nearby stream.  The Chinese solution to polluters may be a little strong for us…but it is a solution, gruesome as it may be.  Aloha, Russ.

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2 thoughts on “Doing business in China? Go green or they might kill you – msnNOW”

  1. The Chinese solution makes sense from a practical and efficient standpoint. Get rid of the pollution and reduce the impact of a growing population at the same time. The solution takes care of itself in a sort of geometric progression (regression?)…fewer people,less pollution. Perhaps it’s not all that bad of an idea. Let’s see who’s REALLY serious about going green and who’s just all talk…..

    1. Your point is well-taken. Most of what we do is talk. Talk it to death and the problem goes away. Not so in China, which has had its “back to the wall” for years. It’s one child policy was prompted in part by diminished resources. Although that policy was draconian, it did drop population growth a bit. The policy encountered quite a bit of resistance, since it ran counter to traditional family values. What is emerging over time is a “Brave New World” scenario where resources are allocated based on your position is society. Thanks to developments in agriculture (GMO food) and efficient industrial techniques ( robotics, etc), we’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve. This won’t last forever. Now that environmental concerns are beginning to dominate the scene, feeding mass groups of people with modified foods will become more difficult and expensive. The end result will be a “willowing away” of the
      old, sick, and unproductive. Heck, I’m in that group…and I don’t like being that special. I fear this sort of population and societal control will
      become commonplace as our ability to support ourselves fades. Of course, a natural disaster or a series of plagues would do the same a lot quicker.
      The ancient world faced this scenario all the time. We have become our own worst enemy. Russ

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