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Afghanistan Cancels Security Talks With United States – Hawaii Reporter



BBC News
Afghanistan Cancels Security Talks With United States
Hawaii Reporter
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Russell Roberts‘s insight:

Interesting feed from the "Hawaii Reporter" concerning our rapidly deteriorating presence in Afghanistan.  In the ‘for what it’s worth department", Afghanistan has been the "graveyard" of empires since the time of Alexander the Great.  Like the Soviet Union before us, we have been unsuccessful in converting a tribal culture into what we wanted.  The cost to Americans, our allies, and to the Afghans themselves has been high.  The fact that our federal government is starting talks with the Taliban suggests that the current government of President Karzai is not up to the task of restoring peace to that battered country.  Afghanistan is another accident waiting to happen.  Why we stay there is anybody’s guess–perceived mineral wealth, rumored natural gas deposits, rare earth deposits, and other things important to industrial societies.  Our forces are far from home; the supply lines extended and subject to attack; and the non-cooperation of nearby countries doesn’t help the situation.  Besides, many inside Afghanistan feel we are infidels and have no business being there.  Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate what our mission in Afghanistan is.  After we leave, the Taliban will regain its influence.  Not much to show for years of support, loss of life, and wasted national resources.  Aloha, Russ.

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