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Hawaii Island News, update, 12-13 September 2009


Hawaii Island Police have identified a body found Wednesday as that of Jason Adams, who disappeared from his Mt. View home September 4th.  According to the “Hawaii Tribune-Herald”, an autopsy revealed that Adams died of a brain injury brought on by a skull fracture.  Police are investigating.

A court hearing for a Hilo man accused of raping and killing a 5-year old girl has been delayed.  South Hilo District Judge Harry Freitas granted Deputy Public Defender Sam CacRoberts’ request for a continuance to 1:30 pm Monday for Anthony Serges Poulin.  MacRoberts, who stood in for court appointed attorney Stanton Oshiro, told the “Hawaii Tribune-Herald” that Poulin agreed to waive his right to a preliminary hearing.

Hawaii County Mayor Billy Kenoi has asked the County Council to reject Bill 132 when the Finance Committee considers the measure this week. Bill 132 would require the County Council to approve each county land sale two times, adding a new bureaucratic layer to the process.  The Mayor says the issue is about fiscal responsibility, with the land sale designed to avoid raising taxes and to put land back into productive agricultural use.